Moviezon Frame to Fame Challenge (MFFC 2020) AWARDS

Published on 28.02.2021


(Winners are requested to contact us through email for further Proceedings)

Send us the proofs to claim your Awards to with in 10 Days from result annoucement.  Only 8 Winners are eligible for Cash Prizes as per our Rules. (

Winners can download certificates and share from website (Link will be provided soon).

Moviezon wish you all Great Future Ahead!

Thank you for your Support!

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It's time to change your life & goals.

At, as a new venture, we believe that the efforts taken by you, on your life towards the success can be achieved with the support of a good team.  We assure you our support to promote you to the maximum and help you to reach your goals.  MFFC -2020 is our first step towards the long journey.

Here are four key things to do so that industry professionals and audiences notice your film and your achievement!

1. Get Your Team to Help You to Promote the Achievement

Your film was successful because it was a team effort. Your friends and work partners are just as committed as you are and they want the film to succeed. Harness your team members’ energy and networks by getting them to help you take action and complete the next 3 simple steps.

2. Promote Across Social Media

Use as many social media platforms as you can. That means you have to post information at your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Vine accounts. At these sites, ask your friends and followers to visit the film festival web site.

3. Attending the Online fest advances your interests. Try to watch and support other films too.

You also want to invite your friends and families, because you want everyone to watch your film and share in your achievement. They can share the feedbacks through rating and comments. They can also support your through donations. There is a chance for them to WIN through their activities too.

We cordially invite you to become a part of Moviezon, and also become a part of our team for future success.  Together we can achieve targets easily.

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