Rules for MFFC

Rules Last Updated -05.01.2021




(MFFC 2020)


Who can Participate?


Open to all Indians around the World in any Indian Language or English  – Young or Old, Students or Experienced, Amateur or Professional Filmmakers – all are welcome!


Movie Categories


Animation/Experimental/Fiction/Social Awareness/Documentary/Other Relevant Categories too.




Short Film must be in any Indian language or in English. 

All films except English, must have English Subtitles.

Eligibility Criteria


Short Films released after 01st November, 2019 will only be considered for participation.  Release date proof (links) must be included in  Application. 

 Online Movie Streaming


Selected Short Films will be streamed online on for One Month for public votes and comments, which will be contributing to the winner selection. 


Awards &Prizes :


1st Best Short Film - Moviezon Platinum Award - Rs.40,000/- + Certificate

2nd Best Short Film - Moviezon Golden Award - Rs. 25,000/- + Certificate

3rd Best Short Film - Moviezon Silver Award - Rs. 10,000/- + Certificate


MFFC - 2020 Category Awards -(Moviezon Award - Rs. 5,000/- + Certificate)


Ø Best Director

Ø Best Actor

Ø Best Actress

Ø Best Director of Cinematography

Ø Best Music Designer/Background Score

Selection Process:


-      Best films and other awards will be selected through online voting as well as marks by credible judging panel.

-      All movies selected from initial entries will be premiered online for voting by common public.

-      Online voting will be for two months. from 1st December to 28th January, 2021.

-      All Participating Films will receive email for payment by 30th December,2020.

-      During the streaming period unsuitable films judged by the jury will be deleted from the streaming.

Rules & Regulations:

1.   MFFC 2020 is applicable to all individual or group participants from any part of the world.

2.   All entries should be submitted through online application provided below.

3.   Last date for submission of entries will be 10th November, 2020

4.   If you are participating as a Group/School/Institution/ Agency/ Production House etc, the entry will be in the name of that entity you belong to.

5.   Send your videos in an easily openable format such as AVI/MOV/MPEG/MP4 (No other format will be accepted)

6.   Videos may be forwarded either by We Transfer or through Google drive with open access and no password protection.

7.   Festival authority will confirm submission of entry to the applicant by mail. However, such confirmation does not amount to acceptance that the movie will be screened and ready to be accepted, but merely a confirmation of receipt of email.

8.   Festival authority will not be responsible if the film is not screened due to a problem with the format or other technical issues.

9.       More than one entry may be submitted. However, kindly note that each film will be considered as a new entry and if one or more video is selected, registration fee per video will be applicable.

10.   Each entry should contain Synopsis/ Short description of the film (Only in English Language).

11.   Each entry should have a Film Poster, Banner, Still Photographs as Soft Copy. film.

12.   Each entry should contain details regarding - Names of Actors (against their screen name), Producer(s), Director(s), Story, Scriptwriter, Cameraperson, other technical persons involved etc

13.   Maximum timing for the Short movie changed to flexible according to topic.

14.   Entries once submitted for selection will be considered as final and no request for changes will be entertained after submission.

15.   Once submitted the videos, related photographs etc shall become the property of Moviezon and can be used to display in our related online forums or websites.

16.   All participating films of the festival would be provided with a certificate.

17.   Selection of films for MFFC-2020 will be done by Credible Judging panel whose decision will be final.

18. Moviezon will not entertain any communication regarding the selection of submitted film. We have only one answer for the same as Selected or Not Selected. The reasons may vary depend upon our judging panel from various parts of India.

19. Only paid Films will be considered for final selection list by the judges.

21. Unwanted mails, disturbing calls, canvassing, any acts that against our rules will disqualify the film and applicant and automatically banned from all our platforms and contact list.

20. All these terms and conditions and rules are treated as agreed while submitting the films for MFFC 2020.

21. All participants must follow these rules and No Excuses will be entertained. It is your responsibility to understand the rules at any cost.

22. Moviezon is having full rights and authority to change the rules as required at any time and without any written or official information to the members or applicants.

23. All changes will be updated on website time to time.

24. Festival Authorities reserve the right to accept or reject any film that is likely to offend sentiments or promote Rape, Child Abuse, Negative social activities, feelings or sensibilities of any caste, community, religion, racism or ill will in the society.

25. Films once submitted and selected for the final screening, will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances.


Registration Fees


There will not by any registration fee for the MFFC-2020 Participation. (Updated on 28.12.2020)

NB- Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these Rules &Regulations.


Selected Movies will be screened during the Online Movie Festival, hosted by Moviezon which is scheduled to premiere during  December 2020 to February 2021 on


** Please Note - Online Premiering Date & time can be changed as per organizers convenience**


Thank you,

Mail Id –
Mb No - +91 984 7740 326



Sharing the Concept of Moviezon Platform.


  1. Introduce a platform to movie students and upcoming film makers to show case their works easily.

  2. We will provide a user friendly platform, where they can access our people behind the screen of this website and get their requirements done through them easily.

  3. We will provide a good support system for the users.

  4. Support is mainly for streaming their films online and promoting it to a wide range of viewers, through online medias and social medias.

  5. Film makers can release their films on our platform initially as a

  1. Paid Film - Where the user can pay and see the film within the time specified.

  2. Buy Film – Where the user can pay and download the film.

  3. Paid Subscribers – Where the film can be published to the website paid subscribers.

  4. Free Release – where all the public can view the film and if they wish to contribute to film makers, they can do it through payment links on film pages.

  1. Film Makers can try the above various possibilities and after that, they can publish the film on youtube or facebook or other releasing platforms to make further income.

  2. We will provide the Film Makers many promotion services as 3 months Free listing on our all platforms, Paid Promotions etc.

  3. There will be online classes, seminars, Live Programs & many more on our platform.

  4. There will be facilities to share Profiles of Film Related Professionals - Actor/Actress/Models/Writers/Directors/Script Writers/Technicians and All other crews.


For promoting our platform, we are introducing an Online Film Fest, which will make the film makers aware of the platform. Our First Film Fest planned during December,2020 attracted many and all participants are happy to have such a platform. 

We are introducing a Viewer’s Team to watch and select good movies, from the applied and they will also get recognition as the best viewer by considering their contribution.

Our specialty is that, even our film fest will give their movies more reach and views on their own youtube channels, which will be beneficial for them. Chances are there to get more subscribers and followers too.

Thank You.